Why Fall Really Is the Best Season

There’s no arguing that Fall is a seasonal favorite. It’s no longer blazing hot — which, for us Texans, is truly a blessing — but it’s not too chilly either. The school year is in full swing, the leaves have finally started changing colors, and the weather outside is perfect for, well, just about anything.

It makes sense why Fall is one of The Shops’ favorite seasons. However, if you’re still unconvinced, let us tell you why:

Sweater Weather

Fall weather is go-outside-in-a-light jacket sort of weather, which is our personal favorite. Whether you’re snuggling into last year’s sweaters or snagging something new from Carys Lane, fall is the season to show off your favorite cozy looks.

Photo Courtesy of Carys Lane Boutique


Not too hot, not too cold — Fall is the ultimate picnic weather. Grab a bottle of wine, a charcuterie board, or some takeout from any of The Shops restaurants (Drakes Yoke and Hot Chicks Nashville Hot Chicken, we’re looking at you) and go dine in nature’s dining room!

There are plenty of beautiful green spaces and hiking trails that are just behind The Shops. With tons of room to spread out and run around, it truly is the perfect family-friendly picnic destination. Go see for yourself!

Apple and Pumpkin Flavored Everything

We’ve said it before — and we’ll probably say it again — but Fall is THE season for delicious coffee drinks and pastries.

Café 23:5 has a whole host of fall-flavored drinks that will satisfy almost any fall craving, and Sunny Street Café just introduced their (very) pumpkin-y seasonal menu.

Hint: Sunny Street Café’s Pumpkin Pancakes come with cinnamon butter and a tres leches drizzle. Just saying.

Photo Courtesy of Sunny Street Café

Football Season

Fall is great and all, but our diehard sports fans know what season it really is. All of your favorite college and NFL teams are finally back in action, and after last year, they deserve a little extra attention.

There’s truly no better way to game-day than cozied up with a beer at Parker County Brewing Company. They currently have a killer selection tapped and, as always, have an absolutely drool-worthy pizza menu.

If you haven’t paid them a visit before, there’s no better time to start.

We’ll See You at The Shops

No matter how you’re choosing to celebrate the cooler weather, we hope you’ll do so with us! One of our favorite things about The Shops is how there’s a little something for everybody. So, grab your friends and your family, and let’s have some fun this Fall, y’all.

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