What’s Trending: Summer 2022

Can you believe that summer 2022 is just around the corner? Because we certainly can’t. With Memorial Day coming up, it’s officially time to start getting ourselves (and our closets!) ready for the upcoming season.

According to the experts, here are the trends that will be defining summer 2022:

Bright Color (The Bolder, The Better)

Alright, it’s probably no surprise that color will be a summertime signature. Expect the upcoming season to be filled with tangerines, cerulean blues, fuchsias, and more. Lucky for us, Carys Lane is one step ahead, per usual.

Photo Courtesy of Carys Lane

Braids Galore!

When it comes to up-to, experimental braids are taking the hair world by storm. Not only are braids super easy and low-maintenance (hello, effortless chic), but a ton of funky variations will be making their appearance this summer. If you’ve been considering braids, take this as a sign to book that 2 Ten Salon appointment.

Photo Courtesy of 2 Ten Salon

Minimalist Manis

Unlike the boldness that is taking over the fashion runways, minimalst manicures are on trend for summer 2022. Thankfully, the stylists at Ziva Nail Lounge are more than capable of hooking us up with simple lines, half moons, intersecting stripes, and pretty much anything else you can dream of.

Photo Courtesy of Ziva Nail Lounge

R&R… (AKA: Rest and Recovery)

In the fitness world, we’re seeing an increase in full-body stretching, fascial stretch therapy, and active recovery days. And after the year or two that we’ve all been through, we think it’s safe to say we all deserve it. Take this as your cue to book a Slow Flow and Stretch class with Tree of Life Wellness Center today!

Well, there you have it! There is everything that is trending: summer 2022. Let us know which trend is your favorite in the comments, and then swing by The Shops to show us in person.

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