Trending: What’s Hot at The Shops

Ever wonder what products and services your Willow Park neighbors are loving? Us too!  So, this month, we pulled back the curtain to find out from a few of our shop owners what’s trending in their businesses — and the little fun tidbits they think you should know!

Lone Star Dry Goods

What neighbors are loving:

Our friends over at Lone Star Dry Goods tell us that their top-trending items are Lone Star Dry Goods-branded hats (and they have a ton of great colors — see them here), Black Rifle Coffee, and Howler Brothers apparel.

And the top recommend items for first-time visitors? Shiner Beer Lone Star Dry Goods-branded apparel.

What they want you to know:

“We can design patches for your business or personal needs,” they tell us. “People already love our patch hats so to be able to design your own patch is a pretty cool feature that people get excited about.”

They also host a lot of fun events in the store, such as an upcoming live music event on April 24th. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @lonestardrygoods to find out who will be playing and to stay connected.

Tree of Life Wellness Center

What neighbors are loving most:

Locally owned by Leslie Bruce, Tree of Life Wellness Center gets the most visits for the following: 200-hour teacher training (the next one starts May 14th), hot yoga, strength training, yoga therapy, Barre and Pilates.

What they want you to know:

Three things, actually.

Bruce says, “First, we’re focused on maintaining a super clean environment by sanitizing after each class, and we use a professional air purification system.”

“Second, we’re not just yoga… with yoga therapy, massage therapy and chiropractor care, we really are a one-stop-shop for health and wellness. And, lastly, we’re excited about our great summer special: Summer Fun 3 months for just $200,” says Bruce. Check out the latest class schedule right over here.

Eyes Décor

What neighbors are loving:

Eyes Decor owner Perry Ayers says, “Our most popular service right now is treatment for dry, irritated eyes from allergies. Second most popular are eyeglass lenses that filter out the blue light spectrum that causes eye fatigue.”

What they want you to know:

“We’ve got a great deal: When you buy a pair of eyeglasses, we give you half off any 2nd pair,” says Ayers.

In addition to having an amazing offering of eyeglasses and sunglasses, Eyes Décor offers comprehensive eye exams. “We are locally owned and operated and have a priority on taking care of each patient and customer as though they were our neighbors.”

Eyes Décor is open weekdays and every other Saturday.

Sunny Street Cafe

What neighbors are loving:

Sunny Street Cafe at Willow Park is no regular diner — they put really fresh, high-quality ingredients at the top of their priority list, and they have such a great, friendly staff.

When asked what locals love at Sunny Street, Daniel Bowling, says, “Our most popular items are eggs benedict, our famous Hearty Breakfast, and of course COFFEE. For first timers, we love to recommend the Baja Omelet (because there’s just something about avocado and eggs!).”

What they want you to know:

VIP Rewards members get free items every 3-4 check-ins. Sign us up!

2Ten Salon & Studios

What neighbors are loving:

2Ten Salon & Studios owner Ashley Bryan says, “Spray tanning happy hour! Our clients love the $25 price tag for a great quality spray tan.” It happens on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

“And, course, women’s hair styling and men’s barber services are always a hit.”

What they want you to know:

“Not everyone knows that we actually have TWO locations at the Shops,” says Bryan. In addition to 2Ten Studios, which offers more unique services and barbers along with a fitness fashion boutique, Salon in the Courtyard offers mostly hair services, retail, and spray tanning through independent entrepreneurs.

Bryan says, “My husband and I were proud to bring this business model to Parker County and surrounding areas almost four years ago giving beauty professionals a place to run their small businesses while we take care of the larger day-to-day operations allowing them to focus on their clients.”


What neighbors are loving:

Mathnasium’s owner, Richard Haldeman, shared that one of the things their clients love most is their help with high schooler’s homework. “We perform a proprietary diagnostic that permanently fixes what has often been a lifelong struggle with math. Our math professionals know how to get to the heart of different math-related blocks, so kids emerge more confident and actually enthusiastic about the subject.”

It seems to be working because Mathnasium at Willow Park has more than 80 five-star reviews!

What they want you to know:

Every new customer receives a free diagnostic. Also, 2-week free trial summer enrollments come with two extra sessions when you sign up before May 1. Starting your kids early can create a solid foundation for all math classes in the future.

We appreciate our shop owners for sharing a little insight about their businesses and what’s trending here in Willow Park.

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