Tips For Getting Organized (Like Really Organized) in 2022

We love the new year because it is, essentially, a built-in fresh start. Now is the time to set those goals, chase after your dreams, and start crafting the life you want. Furthermore, it is also the perfect time to wipe your slate clean and get organized for the year to come.

If this sounds daunting to you, don’t fret. We’ve got a few tips for getting organized (like really organized) in 2022. Stay tuned! 


Now you may have already done this pre-holiday. However, if we’re being honest, many of us could still use a bit of purging. There is no need to bring any unwanted or unnecessary items into the new year, so allocate piles of keep, toss, or donate and de-clutter your life accordingly! (And following the advice of Marie Kondo, only keep items that spark joy.) We promise it will make you feel loads better. 

Use a Calendar

Alright, how many of us received adorable, family photo-filled calendars over the holidays? Well, now is the time to use them! Writing your life’s important events in a calendar is a great way of visualizing all that you have to do and getting your commitments in order. 

Got a Tree of Life Wellness Center yoga class? Put it in the calendar. Is your child’s school hosting a bake sale? Put it in the calendar. Important work meeting? You guessed it, the calendar. 

Create a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Routine

On par with using a calendar, another great tip for getting organized is creating a routine and sticking to it. Fill your routine with good, healthy habits like going to bed around the same time every night and prepping meals to eat later. Not only will these habits make you feel better, but they’ll help to streamline your day.

We also recommend filling your routine with things that you would like to do, but sometimes struggle finding the time for. If you’re looking to exercise more, it can help to sign up for F45 Training classes around the same time of day or commit to jogging on Thursday mornings. 

On a similar note, if you are a regular at the nail or hair salon, maybe devote the first Sunday of every month to getting a trim at 2 Ten Salon. Or if you are constantly pushing off your visit to the optometrist, start dedicating the first month of each year to that annual check-up with Eyes Decor (which we’re delighted to inform you is right now). 

Creating a routine allows us to mentally organize our days, weeks, months, and even years, and it helps us easily accomplish all that we say we will. 

With these simple tips in mind, we hope that 2022 is the year you are finally able to get organized! We promise it’s not as tough as you think. Seriously! You got this. 

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