Tips For An Allergy-Free Spring

After a long, cold winter (at least by Texas’ standards), nothing feels better than soaking up some sunshine. Of course, that is unless you have allergies…

When the skies clear and flowers bloom, there’s no better place than outside in nature. However, you’ll quickly find that you won’t be the only ones enjoying the fresh air. Pollen is a springtime signature, and a lot of folks happen to be allergic to it.

If you find yourself sneezing, itching, battling a runny nose, a stuffy nose, or watery eyes, then you probably know what we’re talking about. However, have no fear! Today’s blog post is covering our top tips for an allergy-free spring. Stay tuned!

Close Your Windows

Now, we know how tempting it can be to open up those windows and let the fresh air in. However, don’t act so quickly. To keep your allergies in check, close your windows when you’re at home so that the breeze won’t bring the pollen in.

Stay Inside

We know how nice our nature trails can be. (Hello, sunset strolls…) However, the height of allergy season might not be the best time to enjoy them. We recommend figuring out when the allergy counts are highest (which is usually earlier in the day) and skipping out on a trip to the dog park during those times.

Similarly, when you’re going out to eat, save the patio seating for a bit later in the summer. (Even though Drakes Yoke has a reallllllly nice one…)

Workout In A Gym

If you like running or walking outdoors — and you are also suffering from allergies — then consider joining a gym or fitness center. Not only will attending workout classes grow your workout community, but working out indoors will protect you from inhaling all that pollen. Lucky for you, F45 Training and Tree of Life Wellness Center have plenty o’ options.

Wash Your Clothes

Last but not least, regularly washing your clothes is an easy way of shielding yourself from pollen. This is especially important if you’ve spent a lot of time outdoors, as pollen likes to latch onto clothing. (And this might be a given, but avoid drying your clothes outside on a line during allergy season.)

Hopefully, with these tips in tow, you will have a wonderful, allergy-free spring! And for all your springtime essentials… Well, come see us.

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