The Unknown Perks of Spray Tans

Tan Legs

Whenever you open a magazine or turn on the television, you are confronted by beautiful, perfectly tanned men and women, looking great. How do they achieve this without spending time in the sun? They all get spray tans.

You’ve probably already heard about some of the benefits of spray tanning over laying out in the hot Texas sun. However, we’ve found some perks that you may not be fully aware of. We’ve got everything you need to know about spray tans.

Avoid Exposure to Harmful UV Rays

By now, everyone has heard of the harmful UV rays from the sun and the damage they can inflict on your skin. However, did you know that the American Academy of Dermatology lists spray tanning as the safest alternative. In less than 30 minutes, you leave with the perfect color to accentuate your body any time of the year.

Get a Total Body Makeover

Eating right, exercising and taking care of yourself are the best ways to get toned and look fabulous. However, one of the perks of spray tanning is that wherever you are at on the spectrum, a spray tan makes you appear leaner and more toned. Did you know that it also gives your eyes a brighter tone and makes your teeth looker whiter?

Spray tanning can reduce the impact of skin imperfections, cellulite and spider veins to complete your one-stop total body makeover.

Spray Tanning is Fast and Easy

In the winter, laying out in the sun is not an option unless you fly to the tropics. In the summer, the hot sun can damage your skin and age you prematurely. You can use a self-bronzing lotion if you don’t mind streaky results and a sticky residue. For easiest results, get a spray tan that provides you with an instant all-over body tan in minutes.

Great Way to Boost Your Self-Esteem

When you look great, you feel great. It’s simply the truth. Having gorgeous, tanned skin is an instant boost for your self-esteem. So, if you need to be at your confident best for an upcoming occasion, consider a spray tan as part of your preparation. It’s a great way to highlight your best features while maintaining a natural look.

A healthy, natural look is important to Texan beauty standards. Nothing looks better on a pretty face than a healthy tan. Don’t waste your time in the hot sun to get great results. Instead, try the safest, most convenient way to get an even, natural, luxurious tan at Taylor Your Tan.