The next big thing in feeling good: IV vitamin therapy

If you feel unreasonably tired or feel like you can’t focus, it could be as simple as you’re dehydrated. Lack of energy, sleepiness, feeling dizzy, muscle cramps, headaches and — no surprise here — being thirsty are just a few signs of dehydration.

And, as it turns out, dehydration can especially sneak up on you during cold months. “Dehydration is more of a threat in the winter because most people don’t notice the fluids leaving their bodies,” according to a recent CNET article.

Give you body what it wants

Your body is mostly fluid; if dehydration is the issue, properly hydrating yourself could be the answer.

Keith Bryan, IV Spot owner and Parker County local, knows this and makes it easy for area residents to top up on fluids and nutrients. Keith has been a licensed paramedic for nine years and a firefighter for 14 years. He’s familiar with the power of proper hydration, and he brings the technical background to properly administer an IV and guide you through the process.

“We do not believe in one-size-fits-all drips nor do we believe in fancy menus or cute names,” explains Keith. “We listen to you and customize each vitamin infusion after we gain a thorough understanding of your particular needs.”

So far, it seems people are loving it. “I went to the IV Spot for my first IV to help with dehydration. Within a few hours I felt amazing and back to my normal self,” says Lauren Blais in a Facebook review for IV Spot. “Got one of the best night sleep I’ve had in awhile. I will definitely be going back for more!” says Rowdy Bragg in another review.

Customizing your mix

IV Spot’s solution consists of a 1,000 mg of Normal Saline IV fluid and high-quality vitamins, mineral and amino acids. From there, the IV mix is customized to you. The most used nutrients are B vitamins such as B-12 (known for energy boosting effects), vitamin C (immunity support, skin health, allergy support, antioxidants) and glutathione (an antioxidant nutrient known for anti-aging properties, among other benefits).

Education is part of his service. “Come by. We’ll educate you and guide you on what might work best for you,” says Keith. IV Spot is in the expanded courtyard location of 2 Ten Salon, which happens to be his wife’s business.

Mobile hydration is a thing

Keith travels with his tools, which makes IV therapy super convenient. Need him to bring the vitamins to your home before or after a party? Or, how about as a feature at your next spa party or athletic event? He does that.  

Visit Keith and IV Spot on Facebook, or come in to see him in person. Book online:

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