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Red Horse Boutique

Red Horse Boutique is sensible fashion for the everyday woman. Apparel for women on the go at affordable prices. Style and Comfort all in one store!

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The Buzz

5 Types of Shoes That Every Woman Should Own

For many of us, an afternoon camped out in a local shoe store is a blissful opportunity.  There are so many styles and colors to choose from that selecting just one pair can be difficult.  From feathers to glittery stones to rich, dark leather, we can imagine when we would wear these particular shoes and  … Read more


5 Outfits That are Guaranteed to Make Your Vacation Glamorous

As you are planning your vacation, you are probably planning your vacation wardrobe, too.  Given today’s baggage fees and weight allowances, the outfits you choose for your trip will often have to do double or triple duty.  Having pieces that can mix and match or be layered is an essential consideration when packing for a  … Read more


The Ultimate Gift Basket for Mom This Mother’s Day

Your mom is the best and you want to show your appreciation for everything that she does this Mother’s Day.  But, like most people, you want her to know how much you love her not just on a single day but every day throughout the year.  In the past, you’ve probably given her cards and flowers, but this year is different.