Save a mom – send a care package

Just as the kids were getting into a groove in the second half of the school year, the script was flipped.

If someone said in February that by Spring you’d be working at home full-time while simultaneously running the house, feeding the entire family morning to night, and educating your children (or, at the very least, keeping them occupied and an eye on them all of their waking hours), would you believe it?

Nope, neither would we. It’s not been easy, and parents are simply exhausted.

With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday, May 10, we’re especially reflecting on all the moms right now. There is so much good advice on how to tackle this new “job” of parents, but the bottom line is that this is not our norm, and perfect should not be the goal.

“Go easy on yourself. You’re essentially being asked to perform two full-time jobs,” advises a recent Vox article. “Everyone is going to be less productive during this time. Being proactive with employers and co-workers and setting realistic expectations about what you can accomplish is necessary to prevent misunderstandings down the line.”

Mission: surprise and delight

So, the question we’re asking ourselves right now is not How does one juggle it all without dropping a ball? (because it seems that may not actually be possible), but How can we infuse a little light, love, fun or even pizza into a mom’s day?

Our answer: Surprise and delight a hard-working mom with a care package. Now, that’s a mission we can get behind.

Care packages come in many forms

From convenience-creating services to sense-indulging products, there are many ways to send your support. We’ve compiled a few fun gift ideas from several of our retailers and restaurants that we believe make for great “hang in there” sentiments. Let’s explore:

Give the gift of education (and quiet time). Help bolster the at-home curriculum for the kids while also giving much-needed quiet time for mom. Mathnasium of Aledo has quickly adapted by shifting their math tutoring services to online, so there’s no driving and social distancing is built right in.

Gift a break from cooking. When you’re feeding the family morning to night, a gift of food that someone else made is a true luxury.

  • What mom wouldn’t have heart eyes for a super-sized latte and pastries arriving at their door in the morning? Cafe 23:5 has a drive-thru and they also deliver within 30 miles and they’ve got some of the best coffee drinks, smoothies and even breakfast and lunch items, like crepes and sandwiches, around. Also open for dine-in and have incorporated all safety measures!
  • Imagine her joy at the sight of a family-sized pizza arriving at the front door? Parker County Brewing Company is open for curbside pickup (and also doing deliveries to certain areas). They’ve got great specials (including a family meal deal) on their website. And if you want to take her out for pizza, PCBS is open for dine in as well with a 25% occupancy.
  • Sunny Street Café is open for dine-in, to-go orders and they also have gift cards, which, with offerings like boxed lunches, will make feeding the family lunch seven days a week so much easier.
  • Take her out to dinner at Drakes Yoke (or even get it to go). Drakes Yoke is the perfect atmosphere with great food and a wonderful selection of cocktails (which a lot of moms need right now!)

Deliver something pretty. Sure, new earrings may only be seen on Zoom calls for a while, but moms still love to receive gorgeous bobbles, totes, tops and the like. Carys Lane specializes in ‘gorgeous,’ and they’re doing really fun live streaming sales on their Facebook page on a regular basis. They are also open for in-store shopping. Shop them for spring tops, earrings, purses, bangles, totes and so much more.

Send something for the senses. Byrd Mill has so much to gift, and it’s all on sale right now. From candles to face rollers to wine, and tons of great decor items, head over to their virtual showroom on Facebook or shop in store. You won’t believe some of these deals.

Throw her beauty routine a lifeline. By now, all of our manis and pedis are pitiful and our roots are giving us a big hello. Put her first in line once our favorite salons reopen by getting her a gift card for a mani/pedi or massage at Ziva Nail Lounge, and for a service of her choice (think hair, lashes, Botox) over at 2Ten Salon.

Finesse her fitness routine. Walking, yoga and supplements are just a few things to remind her to take time for herself.

  • You know all those walks we’re now all taking? Protect her face with a great baseball cap. Lone Star Dry Goods has the best caps around (but be warned: they may end up on the hub’s side of the closet).
  • Tree of Life Wellness is offering online yoga for members while the studio is closed, or get her set up with a gift card for when the studio reopens. Yoga will be a great way to get back into the swing of things.
  • Her protein shake routine maybe a Cheerios routine by now. Re-up her supply of her favorite protein powder from Nutrition Nation. It’s little thoughtful deliveries like this that will make her realize you really do know her!

You’ll be glad you reached out

Think for a moment about how it feels to get a little sunshine in your mailbox or at your front door. Although it won’t solve the stress of the new daily grind, a little care package can go a long way to surprise, delight and lighten spirits—both hers and yours. Mission accomplished.

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