How We’re Staying Fit During the Cooler Months

Let’s just be honest. It’s harder to work out during the cooler months. Maybe it’s because we’re all bundled underneath our sweaters and our socks and our jackets. Or, maybe it is because being outside isn’t nearly as fun when it’s chilly out. Maybe we’ve buried ourselves under a pile of pumpkin spice lattes and pecan pies and mashed potatoes and cookies.

Regardless of the reason, the cold hard truth is that working out and staying fit is harder in the wintertime. However, during these upcoming cooler months, we’ve decided that it (finally!) doesn’t have to be. Allow us to explain:

Join a Fitness Center

Joining a fitness center is not only a great way of holding yourself accountable, but it gets you up and out of the chilly outdoors during those colder winter months! One of the hardest parts of working out is getting yourself to go jog in the cold (and rain and snow and sleet and grayness that is wintertime). 

However, if you have a go-to fitness center with tons of studio classes to choose from, you won’t have to deal with working out in the cold. And, you won’t have to muster the brain power of thinking up and implementing your own fitness routines. 

It can take a while to find a fitness center that speaks to you, so don’t be afraid to shop around! Lucky for you, we have some great ones right here at The Shops. 

F45 Training has lots of weightlifting and high intensity classes, and they offer a 7-day free trial. Also, Tree of Life Wellness Center offers barre, Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi, weight training, and cardio classes, giving you tons of class options to try and see what you like best. 

Photo Courtesy of F45 Training

Bundle Up

One of the perks of being a Texan is that our winters are (usually) manageable. Therefore, it’s not too terrible to bundle up in your hats and gloves and hit the trails! The Willow Park North community is equipped with tons of beautiful hiking and walking trails that are made, well, for cardio. 

Although it might be a bit daunting at first, running or walking in colder temperatures actually forces your body to exercise more efficiently. What this means is that your heart doesn’t have to work as hard, you expend less energy, and you sweat less (which is a bonus in itself). 

So, don’t think that just because winter is coming means you have to get off the trails. You might just have to grab a warmer jacket. 

Try Something New

It is proven that mixing up your day-to-day exercise routine is key to improving overall fitness. And what better way of switching up your routine than adding in a new workout that you’ve always wanted to try? 

Winter is the perfect season to test run new styles of working out. Whether it’s attending a virtual yoga sculpt class, taking a treadmill class, or trying Zumba at your local studio, those cooler months are the perfect time to play around and try something new! 

So, sure, working out during the cooler months is harder than it is in the summertime, but it isn’t impossible. The key to a successful exercise routine is finding what works for you and your lifestyle, so don’t be afraid to shop around! Grab your running shoes, your dumbbells, or your yoga mat, and let’s get going. 

Here’s to a fitter winter! 

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