How to Stay Sane This Holiday Season

We all know what time of year it is. And although this month is full of joy, community, and gratitude, there can definitely be moments of stress and anxiety. (Trust us, we’ve all been — and still are — there.) 

Far too often, the pressure we put on ourselves during the holiday season can be overwhelming and, for some, even dreadful. How is it that the most wonderful time of the year can also be the most stressful? 

Instead of letting your stress dictate how your holidays go, allow us to remind you what the season is all about. The holidays are a time for being with the people we love and celebrating those who make our lives special.   

However, we understand that all this might be easier said than done. Therefore, to help you stay sane during the holidays, we’ve put together a list of how to make this season a little less stressful: 

Set your Expectations

We live in a culture that has deemed the holiday season the most wonderful time of the year. That being said, far too many of us strive for that wonderful, hiccup-free celebration that is virtually impossible to achieve. 

To keep your anxiety in check, set realistic expectations this holiday season. To be unapologetically frank, the perfect holiday doesn’t exist, and your mental state will benefit from only worrying about things you can control. 

Make a List (And Check it Twice!)

When it comes to holiday shopping, it is way too easy to let yourself get carried away. However, allowing your holiday spending to spin out of control will only add to the stress of the season, and therefore it is important to make a plan. 

We recommend writing a list of everything you need, including a set budget, and then sticking to it. Not only will this give you financial peace of mind, but things usually become more manageable when they are neatly written out in front of you. 

Schedule Some (Well-Deserved) You-Time

Yes, the holidays are all about giving and spending time with others, but it is important to remember to also spend time with yourself. 

When it feels as though the holiday whirlwind is sucking up all your energy, replenish it by going to a yoga class at Tree of Life Wellness Center, getting a massage at Ziva Nail Lounge, scheduling an hour of exercise with F45 Training, or doing whatever else it is that you need this season. 

Savor the Season

As stressful as they may be, the holidays only come around once a year. Therefore, don’t forget to soak them in!

Take a few minutes each day to stop and enjoy the holiday sights, sounds, and smells. Stroll through the neighborhood looking at lights or buy yourself a warm mug of hot chocolate from Café 23:5. Whatever it is, make sure you don’t let the magic of the season pass you by. 

Remember what really matters this holiday season and spend time with those you love. Over these next couple of weeks, periodically ask yourself if you’ve accomplished that. And if you have, wouldn’t you consider that the biggest success of them all? 

We would surely think so. 

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