How to Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

It is officially that time! Spring has sprung, and we all know what that means… Spring cleaning must commence!

If you’re anything like us, your spring and summer clothes are starting to mix in with those bulky winter sweaters, pants, and boots. (And since we’re in Texas, who knows when you’ll need to wear them.) In order to make some space, you might want to start your spring clean!

If this sounds overwhelming to you, don’t worry. Here’s everything you need to know about how to spring clean your wardrobe:

Get It All Out In The Open

Step one: get everything out where you can see it. Trust us, your bedroom’s disarray is going to be well worth it. By opening up all your closets and drawers — and peeking in those dark corners — you will be able to easily inventory everything you own.

Sort! Sort! Sort!

Once you’ve surveyed what you got, it is time to get everything sorted. Put the clothes you’d like to keep back into your closet and drawers. Similarly, make a pile of things you’d like to keep but need to wash (or mend) first. (Then, of course, wash or mend said items.)

From there, make a pile of any items you would like to donate, and finally, make another pile for items that are probably better off in the garbage.

Rearrange Your Closet

As we transition between seasons, we recommend flipping your closet so that your spring/summer clothes are front and center. If you know you are finished with certain winter items (your snow boots, for example), you can go ahead and toss those into storage.

Treat Yourself

After all is said and done, it is time to treat yourself. (That was hard work, after all!) Our favorite part about spring cleaning our wardrobe is making room for a brand new piece upon its completion. If you’re looking for new shoes, dresses, or jewelry, Carys Lane has got you covered. If you’d like a new pair of boots, then we’d like to introduce you to Lucchese Boots. And if you need a new ball cap (it’s sunny out there, y’all!) then head on over to Lone Star Dry Goods.

Photo Courtesy of Carys Lane

As we enter the season of later sunsets and wildflowers, we hope you’re able to take a cleaned-out closet with you! And as always, stay up-to-date on our upcoming blogs for all things spring.

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