How to choose the right bank for your lifestyle

With such a wide variety of banks in Willow Park, it can be difficult to choose which one you should bank with. The options and variety of products and services are endless. 

Are they all the same? What are the benefits of one particular chain of banks over another? Should you bank with a local bank or a national chain? Most importantly, what exactly should you look for in a bank? 

Whether you’re trying to help your child open their first bank account or you feel the need to make a banking change, there are several factors to consider when choosing a bank. Bottom line, it all comes down to your lifestyle and what’s most important to you. 

A few things to consider include: 

  • Minimum balance requirements.  Some accounts require you to maintain a minimum balance before opening an account. Make sure any minimum balance requirement is something that you can comfortably afford. 
  • Branch availability.  Do you prefer a physical location nearby or are you comfortable banking online or with your mobile device? Everyone’s preferences are different.
  • Interest rates.  These work both ways: the rates you receive on your money on deposit with the bank, and the rates you pay when borrowing via credit card or loan.  Ideally, you will find an account that pays higher-than-average interest on your deposits and charges lower-than-average interest on your debts.
  • Fees. This one is so important! Be sure you fully understand the bank’s fee structure, including, overdraft fees, using ATM’s at other banks, monthly or annual service fees, and minimum balance fees. It’s equally important to know the ways you can reduce or even avoid these fees, such as meeting minimum daily balance requirements, receiving electronic bank statements, and utilizing direct deposit.
  • Technology and convenience features.  Do you like to use online bill pay? Do you prefer to use an app to deposit checks versus driving to the bank? Need to transfer money to others regularly? Make sure your bank is equipped with the conveniences and technology that are important to your lifestyle. 
  • Customer service.  Last but certainly not least! When you have a problem or question, it’s important that the people at your bank are friendly and professional. Ask around to find out what banks your friends and family prefer. 

If you are looking to switch banks or open up a new account somewhere, The Shops at Willow Park is pleased to announce the opening of PlainsCapital Bank, located across the shopping center from Sunny Street Cafe. 

Keeping with the small town feel of Willow Park, the staff at PlainsCapital values customer relationships and stands ready to help local residents build a strong financial future. Whether you’re just beginning to grow your financial portfolio, launching or expanding a business, raising a family, or preparing for retirement, PlainsCapital Bank has the tools to help you accomplish your goals with their expert team of financial advisors and leading edge banking technology.

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