How modern urbanism is keeping us connected

Around the late 1940s and early 1950s, America saw a rise in the suburb; people fled the compact, busy cities for wide open spaces to build their post-war homes with government incentives. It was new and novel and served families well.

The spread-out suburbs gave families more space to grow, but they also took a bit of that walkable convenience and human connection away.

Getting back to connectedness

Today, developers are responding to the cry for more connection and convenience by bringing a modern version of urbanism to our smaller towns. People crave walkable destinations, greenspaces and plentiful places to convene, which is why master-planned communities are thriving.

As a perfect example, together the Willow Park North neighborhood and The Shops at Willow Park is modern urbanism at its best. As illustrated below, this masterfully planned development makes it possible to live, work and play all in one place.

Whether renting or buying, Willow Park North’s community, which is just adjacent to The Shops at Willow Park, will offer something for everyone: single-family homes, apartments, and townhomes. Single-family homes construction has begun with homes available to buy from Clarity Homes, Village Homes and Windmiller Homes. The apartments are under construction with a late 2021 completion date, and the future construction of the townhomes.

Clarity Homes is one of the fantastic builders creating homes in Willow Park North’s single family home neighborhood called The Reserves at Trinity.

All located just 10 minutes from Weatherford and a short 24-minute drive to Fort Worth, Willow Park North allows for an easy commute and access to the variety of attractions in this growing city.

The newly installed bridge connects Willow Park North to The Shops at Willow Park.

People love what this neighborhood has to offer. Positioned along the Clear Fork of the Trinity River, residents have easy access to multiple walking trails and parks. They’ll also enjoy a community pool, a playscape, sports courts, and a bridge that leads to The Shops at Willow Park. With restaurants, shopping, banking and more, this neighborhood is a great little slice of life.

From your work-at-home routine to your errands, living close to The Shops at Willow Park allows for a walkable lifestyle so you can get a lot done within the neighborhood without getting in the car:

Sunny Street Cafe is a great place to have a meeting over a meal.
  • Breakfast and lunch meetings Sunny Street Café and Café 23:5 are two popular breakfast and lunch meeting destinations.
  • Banking PlainsCapital Bank is here for your in-person banking needs. They also offer highly convenient online services for routine transactions.
  • Math tutoringMathnasium is a math-only learning center that teaches kids math in a way that makes sense. It’s also an invaluable supplement to at-home learning.
Providing friendly personal service is one of the things that PlainsCapital Bank does best.
  • Doctor visits
    • Baylor White & Scott Primary Care just opened its doors as your destination for local doctor visits and checkups.
    • With a licensed optometrist in the office, Eyes Decor provides exams and can also get you fitted with glasses and contacts.
  • Vet visits – Another great resource is Grounds For Hounds, a locally-owned veterinarian catering to the furriest member of your family.
Grounds for Hounds welcomes the furriest members of your family to the neighborhood.
  • Gift purchases – Shopping is officially play, we say, but sometimes you need to run out to get a quick gift as part of your errand list. Carys Lane, Lone Star Dry Goods, Meld and Byrd Mill are reliable resources for great gifting.
Byrd Mill is your one-stop-shop for home decor needs and gift-giving items.
  • Workouts and wellness
    • Punctuate your regular yoga workout with a walk to and from Tree of Life Wellness. They also have a great supply of yoga gear to keep you outfitted for your routine.
    • Supplements and vitamins – Nutrition Nation is your go-to for protein powders, vitamins and supplements.
    • IV Spot is the perfect place to quickly rehydrate and infuse critical vitamins and minerals. Visit them at 2 Ten Salons, or they can come to you with their house-call service.
Tree of Life Wellness offers daily classes.
  • Beauty maintenance
    • Ziva Nail Lounge – Your manicure and pedicure will never look better than when you visit Ziva.
    • 2 Ten Salon Studios – From barbers and stylists to waxes and lashes, 2Ten Salon has so much talent to keep you looking great.
Nail maintenance can be work, but Ziva Nail Lounge makes it feel like play.

Play comes in many forms: dinner celebrations, weekend brunch, outdoor activities, shopping, happy hours…shall we go on?

  • Weekend breakfast feast – Start your weekend strong (and relaxed) with a decadent breakfast that someone else cooked for you! Look no further than Sunny Street Café for some of the most creative and delicious breakfast creations around.
  • Shop – Shopping is one of the things we do best at The Shops at Willow Park. Here are just a few the shops you won’t want to miss: Carys Lane, Byrd Mill, Lone Star Dry Goods, Eyes Decor and Meld at Willow Park.
  • Enjoy the greenspaces – Right in the middle of the shopping center is a great place to drop the bags and let the kids run wild. Grab an iced tea at Cafe 23:5, kick back and sit for a while.
The Shops at Willow Park’s greenspace is a great place to drop after you’ve shopped.
  • Celebrate – Out-to-dinner celebrations and weekend brunch gatherings are fun and walkable from your home at Willow Park North. Drakes Yoke and Parker County Brewing Company are two local favorites.
  • Hit the trails – Willow Park North has a great network of trails punctuated with large, open greenspaces. In the future, they’ll have an amphitheater and sports courts.
Hit the trails at Willow Park North.

Come explore modern urbanism

Come out to explore the modern urbanism that is Willow Park North and The Shops of Willow Park, the only true urban district west of Fort Worth.

Whether it’s dining out, enjoying local entertainment at the future amphitheater, engaging in a little retail therapy, or gathering with friends and dogs at the park, we are the place to be.

We think you’ll love it here.

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