Things You Learn After Getting your Makeup Professionally Done

There may be very few times that you want to part with some serious cash to get your makeup done professionally. If you are participating in a Texas prom night, you’ve probably already invested in a gorgeous dress and shoes. Here’s the thing, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how many beautiful girls the Lone Star state produces. If there was ever a time to shine, this is it. Hiring a professional makeup artist gets you guaranteed results without the stress of figuring it out on your own. You can also pick your technician’s brain for everyday tips to keep you beautiful long after the last dance.

Do Your Brow and Eye Makeup First

Your makeup professional will show you how to apply the perfect products for your eye palette. You learn why it’s important to do your eyes and brows first. Your brows set the mood of your makeup and act as a guide for the eyes. Also, to be honest, you must assume that this is when bad things will happen. You have to redo your crooked eyeliner a few (hundred) times, you get more liquid liner on your forehead than your eye, and so on. Finishing your eye makeup first lets you apply blush and lipstick confidently at the end.

Blend in Your Priming Skincare to Avoid Shine

If you are the kind of gal who slaps on moisturizer and foundation (we have all done this), stop. When you apply serum and moisturizer, it’s vital that you blend this into the skin before applying primer or foundation. Watch your makeup professional as she makes sure the skin has absorbed these products before continuing. The whole point of primer is to keep your makeup in place longer. So, if you use primer (highly recommended!), ensure that you have even coverage to avoid extra shine once you add foundation.

Shimmery Powder is for Highlights Not Contours

Your makeup professional can help you understand the mysteries of contouring as they apply to your skin type and tone. Often, using a foundation that’s a shade darker than your skin tone adds depth and glamor to your cheekbones. One thing is for sure, ladies – shimmery power is not meant for contouring. So, put down the shiny bronzer that defeats the whole purpose of drawing the eye to the cheekbones.

Lip Colors that Won’t Bomb for Prom

What will your lips say about you when you step on the platform for prom pics? If there is a shade your dying to use but think you can’t pull off, here are a few lip tips to discuss with your makeup professional.

  • Red is always fabulous, especially for prom. Keep eye makeup light for deep red shades.
  • Nude is for gals that love lots of eye-makeup. If you are going for an eye-centric look, nude lipstick helps you tie it all together.
  • Orange red is a tough sell. Proceed with caution. If you can handle it, pair orange red lipstick with a bright-colored dress.
  • Lilac lip color can be lovely, but mostly when paired with a dress of the same shade (perfect for prom night!).
  • Purple lipstick with light eye shadow produces a sophisticated look.
  • Pale pink produces a dainty look. However, add darker pink on the eyes to avoid looking washed out.
  • Burgundy lipstick is great for all eye colors. For light-colored eyes, your makeup professional will recommend deep-blue burgundy, while darker eyes pop with brown burgundy lip color.

A makeup professional is a great investment for prom. Trust me, those pictures stick around for a long time. Stay glamorous and beautiful as only Texas girls know how. Come learn from the pros at 2 Ten Salon Studios!

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