Father’s Day gift giving guide 2020

With Father’s Day coming up on Sunday, June 21, it’s prime time to make a plan to celebrate and honor some of the greatest men in our lives: the dads in our lives.

Let’s get down to specifics this year and curate a gift that truly speaks to his interests.

What kind of guy is he? A morning person, perhaps, who cherishes a big weekend breakfast? Or maybe he’s the first one to the lake on Saturdays with fishing pole in hand?

With his interests in mind, let’s take a spin through a few of our shops and restaurants to give you some ideas on how to treat this very special guy in your life.  

“Breakfast is the best meal of the day” dads

Start your dad’s day right with a big Sunday morning breakfast on Father’s Day. Sunny Street Café has some of the most fun and interesting breakfast plates around.

Image courtesy Sunny Street Cafe

From chicken and waffles (pictured) to their fantastic Low Country Bene creation (poached eggs, hand-breaded fried chicken on a split biscuit, homemade pimento cheese & sausage gravy), you really can’t find a dad who wouldn’t appreciate this kind of start to the day.

“Every free moment should be spent outdoors” dads

You know this dad…he heads to the lake, the woods or the mountains every free chance he gets. He’s a true outdoorsman.

Lone Star Dry Goods is stoked for this kind of dad and is stocked up with outdoorsy-types of things that will make your dad say, “Wow, you really do know me.”

Images courtesy Lone Star Dry Goods

As a purveyor of high-quality brands like Patagonia and Orvis, they’re the optimal outdoor-guy gift destination. Here are a couple of fun ideas (also pictured):

  • Simms Big Sky SS Shirt – This multi-tasking shirt is made to wick sweat and sun-protect (UPF 50), while keeping him cool with a vented, mesh-lined back panel. Did we mention the accessory loop in right chest pocket, and the sunglass stowage in left chest pocket? He’ll love the bells and whistles.
  • Rep Your Waters hats – Represent your Texas waters in these cool Texas fishing caps. They have several different styles.

“I’d eat BBQ every night if I could” dads

The way to this dad’s heart is through his stomach.

You know him: He’s a grilling, smoking and barbecuing king. He’s got all the tools and techniques to impress neighbors far and wide.

Image courtesy Drakes Yoke

Let’s give him a night off to do nothing more than pull up a chair to the table.  

This dad appreciates great food with great company, and he will genuinely love a night out to Drakes Yoke, a true meat-lovers destination, for a big Father’s Day feast.

“Craft beer is life” dads

This dad is an adventurer of the palate. He loves a good beer flight so he can explore the nuances and ratios of barley to hops while contemplating tastebud side trips to beers like Salt & Lime Lager (a recent release over at Parker County Brewing Company).

Image courtesy Drakes Yoke

PCBC, the only craft brewery in the county, really gets this dad. As such, they’ll treat him super special on dad’s day with a journey through the world of craft beers.

(Oh, and they have one of the best pizzas around, too!)

“Have you seen my beard game lately?” dads

Maybe he recently joined the beard game or he’s an old pro. Either way, he may not even realize what he’s missing when it comes to great grooming products.

Images courtesy Lone Star Dry Goods

Enter Lone Star Dry Goods’ men’s grooming shop. They are on top of the guy-grooming scene with a handsome selection of beard balms, body washes and pomades.

“Made in the fade” dads

Whether his thing is a crew cut, buzz cut or a fade, this dad is all about finding a great barber to keep his tresses looking good. With two barbers on staff, 2Ten Salon has the local talent to keep him looking like the sharp dude he is. Give them a call to purchase a gift card.

“Nothing can keep me from my workout” dads

This dad is dedicated to health, and he knows how to stay on a routine. He measures the success of his day by the amount of energy he maintains.

Because he’s got his food and supplement routine down to a science, they probably know him over at Nutrition Nation.

Image courtesy Nutrition Nation

Snap a shot of his protein shake container and pop over to the shop to reup his supply. Or, better yet, go talk to the experts there to get some ideas to help him explore a new product or two.

Is his nutrition game so intricate a path that only he can navigate it? Don’t sweat it. A gift card will do the trick.

We hope this Father’s Day gift guide offered you some fun ideas to make your dad’s day extra special. We wish you the best day celebrating the hero in your life: your dad. Happy Father’s Day!

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