Fall roundup: 5 things we’re looking forward to right now

With cooler weather approaching, we’re already feeling that once-a-year excitement that happens when summer (finally) gives way to fall. It’s especially thrilling in Texas. But with many of the usual fall traditions being furloughed this year — Big Tex, we’re looking at you — we’re thinking outside the box about how to celebrate.

Here are the 5 things we’re most looking forward to right now:

1. Celebrating Oktoberfest Lite

Although it will be a lite version this year, Oktoberfest is still very much on here at The Shops at Willow Park.

Join us Saturday, October 3, for a full day of outdoor fun, beer, food and music, and specials from our tenants.

Here are just a few highlights of what we have in store for you. Visit our Facebook Oktoberfest event page for full details and to let us know you’ll be there. Admission is free!

  • Our newest tenant, F45 Training, invites you to start the day with a high-intensity group workout on The Lawn at 9 a.m. Music will be provided by a live DJ!
  • Sunny Street Cafe will be serving pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin chip muffins, and pumpkin spice cold brew.
  • Drakes Yoke is having a “Buy the beer, Keep the glass” special for all Oktoberfest beers (while supplies last). The German Stein glass is a traditional full liter stein and all Oktoberfest beers will be from German breweries. They’re also filling your belly with a brat plate served with traditional German hot potato salad and sauerkraut, and a delicious Black Forest cakes for a dessert!
  • Parker County Brewing Company will have bands, traditional Oktoberfest games and will be serving brats in several dishes.
  • We will have a caricature artist on site — be sure and get your hands on one of these unique drawings.

See the full list of specials, giveaways and fun things happening right over here. It’s number 1 on our list for a reason — come join the fun!

2. Decorating our homes for fall

In what has been a crazy year that still has us reeling, our home is the one place that is still very much under our control (okay, home schooling not included). So, don’t think we’ve not already gone all out with mums and pumpkins on the front porch to bring a sense of normalcy to our space.

On the inside, we’re prepping with updated fun fall decor as we look forward to football games and other fun reasons to ingest and imbibe tasty fall treats.

Byrd Mill is so dependable when it comes to meeting the new season with the latest great décor. We’re loving these super fun serving supplies shown above for that much needed festive fall update. Like the bowl says, “It’s five o’guac somewhere.” Let’s eat!

3. Updating our sweaters for the weather

Raise your hand if you love a new fall sweater, even though your closet is already teeming with sweaters from many past seasons.

Here’s an idea: pick three sweaters that you just don’t love anymore and donate them to a local charity (or to that friend who loves them more than you do). Then pop over to Carys Lane to replace them with a new something cozy (or three new somethings) that makes your inner style maven sing.

Carys Lane is one of our favorite go-tos for the best new fall fashion, such as this gorgeous cozy cardigan above that feels like you’re wearing a blanket.

4. Supporting local businesses as we embrace our PSLs

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In a year that forced many small businesses to shut down for weeks, we’re thinking more than ever about skipping the chain stores and supporting the local guys and gals.

Case in point: You know that Pumpkin Spice Latte you crave and adore every year right about now? Well, guess who also makes amazing PSLs for fall: Café 23:5.

As a locally owned small business who keeps a keen eye on creativity and quality, everything on the menu is made with love, and you can taste it.

The Shops at Willow Park is filled mostly with locally owned small businesses, so we encourage you to continue supporting local guys and gals as you eat out, buy gifts, stop for a quick snack or whatever your routine holds. They thrive only with the support from amazing and generous neighbors like you.

5. Adding fall colors to our our nails

Ziva Nail Lounge always has super fun seasonal themes ready for your manicure or pedicure (including this cozy fall creation shown above).

Especially as you work from home, why not embrace a little more color than you might feel comfortable getting away with at the office? Or make your toes sparkle with that festive fall feeling. Take your idea to Ziva Nail Lounge and they’ll make the magic happen.

We’ll see you at The Shops

No matter your fall tradition, we invite you to gather with friends and family at The Shops at Willow Park. We’re also one of the only one-stop destinations in Parker County where you can check most things off your to-do list without getting in and out of your car. See our full directory here.

Happy fall to you! We hope to see you soon at The Shops!

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