Drinking Beer from a Bottle vs. Can

When it comes to the preference of whether to consume your beer from a bottle or a can, this has been an age-old debate. Consumers have been battling this topic since canned beer first hit the market back in the 1930’s. The answer seems to selectively rely on the consumer of the product and their preferred tastes. There do seem to be some pros and cons of both noted. Some are based on consumer feedback and taste- rather than science. Studies have shown, however, that overall, in taste many do favor a bottle of beer over a can.

Blind Taste Test

The result of preferring the taste of a bottle of beer has been shown through many various taste tests, including blind ones. Besides nodding toward the taste of the bottled beer over the can, many do tend to prefer the look and appeal of holding a bottle of beer in their hand, rather than a can. When it comes to drinking ‘straight from’ a bottle or can– instead of pouring the beer into a glass or cup-, a bottle is also widely preferred by consumers.

Packaging Design

For the can vs. bottle debate, some of the pro and con factors can be cut out depending on the actual packaging of the product. For example, a con of a bottle of beer is the fact that light can pass through, which may potentially lead to skunking of the beer. However, for bottles that are packaged in a dark bottle to block light, this problem would not exist. Use your personal judgment as you think about the pros and cons of both.

Consider the Pros and Cons of Drinking a Can of Beer

Pros for Canned Beer

  • Easier to open
  • Stays colder for longer
  • Cans fresher, as they come with an airtight seal that blocks light and oxygen from passing through the beer
  • Cans easier to travel with, as they are lighter than bottles
  • Cans of beer are usually cheaper than bottles

Cons for Canned Beer

  • Not as environmentally-friendly as bottles, and some can actually be harmful to the environment
  • Some cans may contain the chemical BPA, which has been shown to be carcinogenic
  • More expensive to recycle
  • Cannot be reused

Pros for Bottled Beer

  • Environmentally-friendly, cheaper to recycle and can be reused by the company
  • More aesthetic appeal vs. cans
  • Easier to drink from because of the neck of the bottle
  • Many seem to prefer the taste of bottled beer vs. canned beer

Cons for Bottled Beer

  • May lead to a lack of freshness, as light and oxygen can pass through the bottle through to the beer
  • Breakable, which can be hazardous
  • Bottles take up more space and weight vs cans
  • The seal on a bottle is not airtight, which may lead to skunking of beer

Ultimately, the choice is yours in deciding whether cans or bottles suit your personal preferences. Either way, nothing is better than cracking an ice-cold beer while you’re snacking on your favorite pizza, burger or wings, enjoying a game, concert, picnic, barbecue or other events on a hot day. This is one beer statement I think most would agree on. Cheers!

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