BBQ and Brews: Why They Go Perfect Together

Hot dogs and wine on a hot day do not sound appealing. But, a massive rack of BBQ ribs and a sweet or roasty-brewed beer only amplifies the enjoyment of licking fingers clean. Spring is springing quickly, and beer and ribs only add a spring to your step.

Pale for Your Palate

  • Everyone knows someone who will use a few strips of BBQ brisket and the fixings to make a salad. It is refreshing, but, not everyone plans for light eaters.  A Belgian witbier brew is unfiltered with a fruity taste. If someone is going to choose a salad over a rack of ribs, then at least they can thoroughly enjoy it with the right drink.
  • Do you like your BBQ spicy with a hint of fire in your chest? Blonde and cream ales are both sweet and bitter, calming your taste buds after you test their tolerance. You do not have to worry about your brew stealing the show with its delicate malty flavor.
  • Pickles, horseradish, and meats galore are on display at a lovely BBQ gathering, at home or in a restaurant or festival.  If those are your favorite flavors, the unfiltered taste of Hefeweizen pale will tingle your tongue. The clove and banana aromas pair perfectly with the intense smell of the fixings.
  • Summer days in Texas are perfect for outdoor BBQ’s. An excellent American Wheat Ale’s tart and fruity smell make your BBQ seafood the kings of the show.  The new complement of tastes and contrasts only makes for a memorable tastebud experience.
  • An American Pale Lager does the opposite as American Wheat. The darker ale adds to the spices by the by using balanced hops and dry finish.
  • Part of the BBQ experience is the grilling process.  If you enjoy the middle hops and a darker brew, Märzen Oktoberfest pairs with grilled meats are perfect compliments to one another.

The Darker the Brew

Stout men enjoy grilling BBQ. Stout Brew loves everyone.

  • Who would think a caramel note could sing perfectly with a good Amber Ale? The smooth finish compliments smoky flavors that only grilled BBQ can bring to the table.
  • A rich and sweet Bock balances an excellent cajun jerk and grill-seared foods. A darker beer enjoys combined with a dark slow-grilled rack will surprisingly wrack your tastebuds in the right way.
  • Brown Ale’s caramel and chocolate smoothness beg for the pairing to roasted pork or a summer day grilling of your favorite sausage.
  • Who does not want their beer to taste fantastic while gnawing on a smoky rack of ribs, and is just as delicious when the dessert tables are uncovered? Brown Ale’s roasted flavors collide with smoked meats. But, also amplifies a creamy dessert or the after lunch ice coffee in the summer heat.
  • Silky smooth with hints of chocolate and coffee beans, a well-made Stout is a bear that may very well win the show. BBQ and beer go hand in hand, and a stout is strong enough to withstand the spices, smoke, and sensation that only a grill provides.

Craft beer and food pairings are now a science. But, it does not have to be college level knowledge to understand what combinations titillate your tongue.

Still not sure where to start with trying pairing the two? We’ve got you covered with both BBQ and brew.

And don’t forget that Parker County Brewing Co. now offers their craft beer to go!

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