5 Fashion Trends to Write Home About This Spring 2018

Fashion designers hit the runways this year with vibrant pops of color, a welcome departure from the pastels that have been in favor for the past year. Eclectic patterns, varying textures, and strong colors adorned models strutting down the catwalk.

Though the fashion designs worn on the runway are rarely the pieces we see on the racks in stores, they are a significant indicator of what we’ll see once we head into the stores to refresh our Spring looks.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends

  1. Embracing the Red, White, and Blue 
    Raf Simmons took inspiration from America itself for his Spring Fashion Week collection. Reds, whites, and blues in mixed-pattern silhouettes were all the rage, with stripes, stars, and tiny lines breaking up strong swathes of color.
  2. Welcome Back to the 90s
    Some of our favorite fashion pieces from the 90s are back  – and they’ve never looked more fabulous. Parkas, anorak jackets, and windbreakers are here to dress down or dress up outfits, featuring bold colors and fun graphics.
  3. Embracing Plus Size Fashion
    Finally, fashion designers are starting to embrace the need for plus size clothing. Dia&Co has used data from their subscription boxes to create an amazing new line targeted toward curvaceous women. Partnering with designer Nanette Lepore, these gorgeous pieces are designed for women who want versatility in their wardrobe. Playful details and feminine silhouettes (goodbye, boxes!), these pieces can transition from brunch to date night to a special event.
  4. The Jumpsuit is Here to Stay
    While the first iteration of jumpsuits seemed to be made with only one body type in mind, the newest pieces coming from designers this year are more versatile and beautiful – and most importantly, have varying cuts for varying body types. Retailers throughout the malls are jumping on board with this trend, offering lower cost options than their high-end counterparts. (H&M has jumpsuits featuring fun patterns that are great for Spring picnics and brunches!)
  5. Pencil Skirts Bring the Spring Class
    The 80s have snuck back into the trend this year, with long, hugging pencil skirts making a comeback. The trend appears to be leaning towards longer lines (think mid-calves) to be more flattering on more body types.


NARS is leaning into the Spring colors this year with a collab from Designer for the Stars Erdem Moralioglu. Moralioglu’s new collection features a floral-inspired pallet, packed full of rich tones like jewels, pinks, metallics, and rich hues. The collection has 13 pieces, which includes eyeshadows, blush, highlighter, lipsticks, and blotting papers. Spring is too short to wear boring pastels – check out the vibrant pops of color on display.


Big name celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid have been spotted on Instagram toting mini backpacks, and the trend has spread – these super small backpacks are the it handbag for Spring this year. A blast from the 90’s, these adorable pint-sized backpacks are the size of normal purses, but with the fun functionality of a backpack. Though designer handbags from the likes of Gucci and Louis Vuitton will set you back quite a bit in your budget, many retailers carry similar styles for a fraction of the cost (say hello to this $25 beauty in faux leather from Forever 21!)

And if you want to shop local to find some of the latest trends, we have you covered at The Shops at Willow Park!

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