4 Reasons to be Excited About the First Hotel in Willow Park

Developing a growing community like Willow Park can often feel like a conundrum. You want it to have all the benefits of a big city but still keep the small town feel and values of a local community. Within the vision of Willow Park North, Wilks Development is keeping this unique challenge in mind when it comes to expanding and developing the first hotel, a Springhill Suites by Marriott, in the area.

It’s common for people to ask “how will this benefit me?” Well, here’s how…

4 Reasons to be Excited About the First Hotel in Willow Park

Event space

As it stands today, the Willow Park area doesn’t have many large event spaces for individuals or businesses to rent out space for events like weddings, corporate events or other larger scale events.

The new Springhill Suites, scheduled to open in early 2020, will have event space available for rent. The event space can be one large ballroom or divided up into smaller rooms, and also includes a large outdoor area that is part of the rental.

We spoke with one particular business owner, Heather Burton, Parker County franchise owner of the national franchise, Just Between Friends, who is thrilled with the recent announcement:

“We host two events per year, bringing in more than 5,000 people with each event. The events attract local families as well as people who have never visited the area before. I’ve even had people tell me that they’d never been to the area before and after visiting the event and surrounding area, they decided to move their family here!

We have considered hosting a third event but haven’t been able to secure a larger local venue. We are literally bursting at the seams! As a local business owner and resident, I’m thrilled to hear that we’ll be able to rent event space at the new Springhill Suites! Not only will it allow our business to expand but it will also bring additional revenue to the entire area as our event attendees love to shop and will most definitely enjoy all the surrounding stores at The Shops at Willow Park!”

A new place for out-of-town guests to stay

Rather than having to crowd too many family members into your house during the holidays, you now have an alternative. And for good friends who live far away, you’ll be able to maximize their visits to town with a closer option for them to stay.

This is also good news for residents of Aledo and surrounding areas whose children play soccer and other sports who tend to have to travel for tournaments. Previously, there was nowhere for out-of-town participants and their families to stay. Now, with the combination of restaurants, shops and the new Springhill Suites, this area now becomes an attractive venue to host those tournaments.

Positive financial impact for the area

New jobs and increased revenue for all the surrounding businesses due to an increase in visitors to the area all equal more financial resources for local residents and the city.

Who doesn’t need to escape reality for a night or two every now and then?

Whether it’s a girls’ night staycation or a couples’ romantic getaway, you can make the most of your time together by enjoying all of the offerings in Willow Park, including a brand new hotel to stay in.

Take a look at the Springhill Suites website for a peek at the modern look and impressive amenities the new hotel promises to offer. Built with the balconies and pool overlooking the river, it promises to add to the beautifully unique setting of The Shops at Willow Park.

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